My new jeans!

Nel mese di Aprile mi sono iscritta ad un “sew-along” (cuciamo insieme) del quale ho scritto qui. Ho pensato che fosse carino provare a cucire un cartamodello Burda -cosa che non ho mai fatto fin’ora, anche se ogni tanto compro la rivista. E soprattutto perché un paio di settimane prima avevo comprato altri 3 cartamodelli Burda in pdf, da  Uno di essi è Burda 7863 jeans skinny.


Back in April, I “enrolled” in this wonderful sew-along that I blogged about here. I thought it would have been nice to try, as I have never sewn a Burda pattern before, although I do buy their magazines now and then. And especially since a couple of weeks before I had bought three more Burda patterns on One of them was Burda 7863 skinny jeans

E, quasi due mesi dopo, li ho finiti 🙂 Ecco qualche foto (fatte dopo averli indossati) – ricordate che io sono appena un’auto-didatta, principiante in quest’arte!!


Almost two moths later, here are some pics I took after wearing them- keep in mind I’m just a self-taught beginner sewist!!

1. Dettaglio davanti / Detail of the front

2. Cuciture del taschino davanti / Front pocket seams

3. La chiusura a zip / My zip closure

Not the best finishes, I agree. I promise I’ll do better next time 🙂

4. Dettaglio dietro / Back view

5. The hem

Here’s my pattern review:

– Pattern Description: 

Stovepipe pants trousers are a must-have this season. Combine them with full, casual tops for a layered look or pair them with classic blouses and shirts.”

 – Pattern sizing: 

10-22 / 36-48. I sew a 42.

 – Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?


 – Were the instructions e
asy to follow?

Yes, pretty much.

 – What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

I really liked not having to worry about adding seam allowances, or matching pieces. I can’t think about something I disliked.

 – Fabric Used:

Stretch denim

 – Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

I omitted the back pocket flaps. I’ve also sewn the belt carriers in slightly different positions than indicated on the pattern (that’s due to late-night sewing and hurry to finishing them 🙂 )

 – Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

I would sew them again, this time with a few things in mind. As the pattern is designed for 1m68cm tall women, and I’m 1,64m, I would shorten the upper part and the legs at the suggested lines by one cm each, to compensate for that difference.
I would definitely recommend it as it is pretty easy to sew.

 – Conclusion:

The pattern as well as the instructions are easy enough to follow, but as a beginner sewist I definitely needed to search for some sewing terms explanations. This project had a lot of firsts for me: first time sewing a pair of jeans, first time installing a metal zipper, first time sewing and decorating pockets. I’ve done an internet search for this pattern prior to sewing them, as I needed to know if other bloggers had issues (especialy fitting ones), or if there were things/tips I needed to know. One interesting tip was given by Carolyn at handmadebycarolyn. While everyone else in the blogosphere seemed to agree with Burda sizing for this pattern, she sew a different size for herself, because she measured the pattern with a pair of jeans that fitted her well. I followed her tip, and measured my favourite pair of jeans with the pattern, and I do have to say: “Thanks, Carolyn!”. According to the Burda table on the pattern, I was supposed to sew a size 44 (according to my hip measurement), but instead I sew a 42, and I’m REALLY glad I did! I would have ended up having a HUGE pair of jeans!!

Tips for my next time:

  • buy a 6mm twin needle, as it would have saved me a lot of time and the double rows of stitching would have come up a lot better
  • buy a proper metal zipper (mine was a couple of cm shorter)
  • shorten the crotch length and the legs by one cm each, for a better fit
  • buy enough topstitching thread, so I don’t end up with using normal thread because the former isn’t enough!!! 

Ecco qualche foto con i jeans indossati. Sono comodissimi, mi sento bene e non mi devo preoccupare per la vita bassa che mi preme sulla cicatrice del cesareo oppure la schiena che resta di fuori, perché stanno al livello della vita ;). I pantaloni fanno qualche piega sul davanti, ma suppongo sia perché non ho accorciato la parte superiore, in base alla mia altezza. 

Here are some pics with the jeans on me; they’re so comfy, I feel great wearing them and I don’t have to worry about the low waist hurting against my C-section scar or about my back being uncovered, as they sit at my natural waist ;). They make some creases but I suppose they’re due to my lack of shortening the crotch.

Non fate vedere la foto sopra ai bimbi prima di dormire!!! Devo assolutamente mettermi a dieta!!!
Don’t let children see the above pic before they go to bed!!! I must absolutely go on a diet!!!

So, see you next time, from my sweet home (and a blurry pic, sorry!) 😀

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