Pochettes and upgrading

If you have read my blog, you might have noticed that I love sewing, and not just clothes for myself or for my daughter. I also enjoy sewing acessories like tote bags here, gift ideas like a casserole carrier here or a baby gift like this one. Well, I have decided to set up my own sewing business. Not everything is completely done, I still have many things to do before the official launch of my own little Etsy shop (including upgrading my blog), but for now, I can share these zip pouches I have sewn for the latest Facebook showcase:

Well, they were actually liked, and I did sell a few! Maybe not too many, I agree, but taking into account that I have NEVER sold something I’ve made, well, I’m so happy!! Here’s a pic of the ones I shipped just yesterday:

Wish me luck in this new adventure!

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