Carry-All Bag pattern by So Sew Easy

Let me introduce you to the newest bag pattern by Deby @ So Sew Easy: the Carry-All Bag.

Carry All Bag

Carry all bag pattern

From the pattern description:

“Not too big, not too small – just right! This Carry-All Bag might be just right to carry everything you need to the gym, as a carry-on bag for travelling or even for an overnight stay. There are lots of pockets both inside and out so you can quickly and easily keep everything organised and to hand without having to rummage about.
A wide zipper top makes loading and unloading the bag a breeze and zipper pockets inside and out also keep things secure. All pockets are optional and can be placed either inside, outside or both.”

Rating: Intermediate

I was again, very honoured to test Deby’s newest pattern, and let me tell you, this one rocks! I find it hard to believe that Deby has been sewing for only a few years. Such attention for detail, such complete explanations, it’s a sewer’s dream to work with one of her patterns! I mean, I have sewn quite a few of her patterns, and I can tell you, as a pattern tester, when she sends us the patterns to test, there is little (or nothing at all) to change! If it’s a clothing pattern, I find the size fits right out of the printer, or if it’s a bag, like this one, I have nothing to complain about.

Carry All Bag



I used a medium weight upholstery cotton for the shell, and white cotton for the lining. I didn’t use any stiff interfacing, because of my fabric’s weight, and it could have been tricky at the corners. Instead, I used an interlining: a polyester… something, I believe it is used for outerwear (the lady in the remnants shop didn’t know what it was). It provides a bit of structure, but not enough, I’d go with a stiff interfacing for next time  – excluding the seam allowances, though. In order to keep it from moving and standing away from the shell, I stitched it here and there, following the flowers lines, so you can notice it only when you look closer 🙂

Carry All bag


The bag has many pockets, both on the inside and on the outside:

One side has a zip pocket

One side has a zip pocket


Another zip pocket, on the inside

Another zip pocket, on the inside


Pockets, pockets, pockets

Pockets, pockets, pockets

The pattern is rated as “intermediate”, and I (kind of) agree. I mean, the main difficulty is pairing the right fabric with the right interfacing, and keeping track of the large number of pattern pieces (I needed half a day to figure out everything, but only because I wasn’t really concentrating). Otherwise, if you can sew a straight line, and have a large band internet connection, you can do it, too! Because Deby has also provided very detailed video instructions for every step of the process. It’s like having your personal instructor in your sewing room! (Small confession: I decided to be naughty, and didn’t watch the video, but follow the written instructions with lots of pictures only 😉 If I could do it, everybody can! 😀 )

Carry all bag

Top zip closure


Carry all bag

Bottom bag, without bag feet

I loved sewing this bag, I received many compliments for it and I got to play with some nice colourful fabric!

What do you think, have I convinced you to go and give it a try? 🙂




4 thoughts on “Carry-All Bag pattern by So Sew Easy

  1. You are just too kind to me! Not only testing my patterns and helping me avoid sewing disasters, but then sharing your wonderful creation. Just love the Spring colors in this bag, I think you did an awesome job.


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