Pattern testing: Big girl briefs by Serger pepper and discount code!

Long time no see around my blog here. Well, between my new day-job, and other temporary ones, and then, house, family… well, life, I have pretty much zero time left for blogging and sewing. But busy life is good, right? It makes me feel alive 😉

Back to the purpose of this post, even if I’m actually late for the launch party. A little while ago, Irene @ designed a new pattern, and I was one of the lucky testers. She beautifully drafted a pair of girls’ briefs.

I had never sewn briefs before, and before all you people without any sergers out there freak out, let me tell you I don’t own a serger. I’ve sewn everything on my sewing machine. Just use a ball-point needle and stretch stitch, and you’ll be just fine.

Big girl briefs 2

Back to the pattern.

Details: – sizes from 3T to 14T

– two waistband options: regular and high waist

– clear instructions with illustrations for each step

I have been sewing with pdfs for a while now, and I do prefer them over printed patterns, as you can just cut the size you need, and still re-use the pattern over and over again, in a different size. But with this pattern, Irene clearly listened to all of us, pdf users, when complaining about all that wasted ink when printing multi-size patterns, and about the difficulty of cutting the right size with the multitude of lines on a pattern. She has actually provided the possibility, and the instructions, to print just one size at a time! What can be easier than that??!! Just pick the size you want to print, and go! No more scratched heads over the lines, or wasted coloured ink. Love you for this, Irene! ❤


My daughter is an almost perfect size 8 in Irene’s chart, so I sew that size, with the regular wasitband. Needless to say, as Irene has accustomed us, the size is perfect, without need of alterations! Yesss!

big girl briefs - back view

Yes, I did iron these prior to taking photos!

 For these briefs, I used a rather slinky jersey for the main parts of the briefs (a nightmare to work with), a small remnant from my daughter’s Dahlia top. For the waistband and leg bands, I used some of the beautiful 4-way stretch I have used for my Straight leg pants, while the woven strips are small pieces of a dismissed hubby shirt  (we don’t throw things away around here 😉 ). This, to tell you that you need so little fabric for theses! Old tees can be used, especially if for smaller sizes, and they are so easily customizable!

The instructions have you topstitch the woven strips, the waistband and the leg bands, but when I sew these, I was actually having a bad day, and I did make some user errors, so when it came to topstitching, I just skipped it. But do consider avoiding sewing when you have a bad day 😉

big girl brief 4What can I say more? My daughter says they are so comfortable! They never sit for at least 24h in her drawer, because as they are clean again, she grabs them immediately. She just loves them!

And yes, do head over Irene’s shop or her Etsy shop and buy this pattern, they are a great value: for the money you spend, you get so many sizes!! Especially since there’s kind of a gap for tween sizes out there 🙂

Plus, Irene has a discount code you can use in both shops, for a 10% off your entire cart!! Use code:

———                  whynot10       ————–

 at check-out!

Thank you, Irene, for allowing me to test these, they were so much fun!

How about you, do you sew underwear?

xxx Mary


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