Belcarra blouse

Hey, friends! Today’s post is all about one of Sewaholic’s newest patterns, the lovely Belcarra blouse! (Does it still count as new, since Tasia has released two more patterns after this one? 😉 )

Belcarra blouse

From the pattern descritpion:

“A super-simple top that will quickly become a wardrobe favourite! The Belcarra Blouse is a simple pullover top with subtle waist shaping and raglan sleeves. Ideal for showing off beautiful fabrics with minimal sewing. No darts or tucks makes it a quick project!

Great for wearing under suits and jackets, tucked into skirts with waistbands or worn untucked with trousers and shorts. The simple style makes it perfect for embellishments.”

I totally agree with its description, this is a simple blouse, easy and really fast to sew! I believe it took me about a couple of hours to finish it (aside from some user errors, when I had to unpick the sleeves, but that’s another story 🙂 ). I used french seams on all seams, in order to prevent fraying, but especially since this fabric is so lightweight, that any other finishing would show through.

I used this polyester fabric I scored for only 2€/m about a year ago, and only used about 1,30m. A total hit, in my opinion!

As for the size, well, this was my first time sewing a Sewaholic pattern, and I was a bit worried about the size to choose. Based on the size table and my measurements, I sewed a size 14, and it fits very well (I think the fact that it’s not a fitted garment makes it easier to fit well right out of the printer). It hits me right at my hip level, and it’s a very flattering cut on my body shape.

Belcarra blouseOh, by the way, in case you didn’t know: this is Sewaholic’s first pdf pattern! I have been admiring Tasia’s patterns for a while, but buying them wasn’t an option, due to high international shipping rates. I must say I was really pleased to find out that Tasia provided instructions on which pages to print for each version. This helps saving paper, and I really appreciate it.

I was actually standing awkward, this caused the strange lines

I was actually standing awkward, this caused the strange lines

The neckline could be seen as a bit low, and as you can see, sometimes my bra strap shows, but it doesn’t bother me at all. No zip needed, no buttons or other closure, this is perfect for an adventurous beginner sewist.

Belcarra blouseI have used it for going to the office – love the fact it’s not sleeveless, that it’s pretty loose and feels comfortable and I feel elegant wearing it. I’ve also put it in order to go to a nephiew’s birthday party (that’s where I took the pictures, just yesterday!), paired with a pair of navy skinny jeans.

What do you think about it?


In other news: I have  finally bought a brand new SLR! It’s a Canon 1200D (Rebel T5 in the US), and love it! These are the first pictures for my blog that I have taken with it! Yayyy!

XXX Mariana


6 thoughts on “Belcarra blouse

  1. Nice top. When I saw the pics of this blouse released I felt that the neckline did was not quite proper on Tasia as well. Here in pics it is good on you except the problem u mentioned 🙂


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