Pattern testing: Cowl neck top by So Sew Easy

Cowl neck top - front view

Cowl neck top – front view

The series of pattern testing for Deby at so-sew-easy continues with her latest pattern, the cowl neck top. I mean, who doesn’t like a cowl neck? I already had a couple of these tops in my wardrobe, but I didn’t have a nice and trusted pattern to make it by myself. There is so much nice jersey around, and, let’s face it: where I live, if I find even ONE cowl neck top in a store is a miracle.

Back to the pattern: I love the draping cowl, the way it lies on my body, and (as somebody in the pattern testing group put it) “Talking about <<enhancement>>!” 😀


No, I wasn’t smiling! It’s freezing with that top on, in January! 😉

Cowl neck top

Cowl neck top

The pattern is easy to sew, a breeze (remember, I’m a beginner to knits!), so no need to worry about anything. In case you need more help, just go watch the video instructions, they are clear and give you the right amount of information 🙂

What else is there to say? Go sew yourself a cowl neck top! I have just bought two fabrics for a couple more versions!

Can you say I love it?

Can you say I love it?