Pattern testing: Dahlia top

My latest sewing enterprise: the Dahlia Top by Rachel @  Golden Rippy.

Dahlia Top

Dahlia Top

When a pattern is really easy to sew, and I encounter no problems, I find it difficult to write a blog post about it. (Is it the same for you?) I know, it’s a plus, DEFINITELY. This cute little top only took me about an hour to sew. 5 pattern pieces only (front, back, armbands, waistband and neck band) that went together like a dream. No stumbling upon difficult seams, no need to finish seams as this knit fabric doesn’t fray!

Dahlia Top - back

Dahlia top

This is size 8 with size 12 length, for a tall and skinny 7yo :). My fabric is a slinky cotton jersey, probably a bit too lightweight/slinky for this pattern, but it was the only thing I had on hand.

The sizes available are from 12m to 11-12y, so this top is a great investment!

The only change to the original instructions was with my topstitching: I was actually inspired by the last episode of the GBSB, where Tamara had topstitched her knit top with a triple zigzag stitch. My jersey is too plain, so I topstitched it with the famous triple zigzag stitch, using a contrasting purple thread (I wonder how I ever thought about buying purple thread? It’s definitely not a colour I’ve used before… oh, well, I’m glad I did buy it 😉 )

Dahlia top

Dahlia top – shoulder view


Dahlia Top

Dahlia Top – Front neckband – love the effect of that topstitching!

The pattern also includes two small pieces and isntructions on how to make a flower, to be attached to the top at the front, towards left. When I had my daughter measure the top, it was without the flower, and daddy (aka my worst critic!) asked me not to add anything, because he liked the top on his little girl that way! So, no flower this time around. (Don’t tell hubby, but my next top will definitely have a flower – we, girls, know better, right? 😉 )

Dahlia Top

She hates when she has to stand still, so she makes all these funny faces! 😀


I really believe this top can be personalized in many ways (colour-blocking? contrasting bands? stripes and polkadots? ), I’m searching through my favourite sites right now for nicer knits!

I hope you give this great little top a chance, go grab it here: Golden Rippy shop! Rachel is also having a sale, so you can buy it at a discount price!


xo, Mariana