Everyday tank dress by Serger pepper

Hello, friends! Let me introduce you to Serger pepper‘s new pattern: the Everyday tank top and dresses. I was lucky enough to test it, and today is the big release day!

Everyday dress

Features of this pattern (from the Serger pepper site):

  • three length options: Top, midi dress, Maxi dress (actually, it’s a 3-in-1 pattern!)
  • optional in-seam pockets (with detailed step-by-step tutorial)
  • stop wasting ink and paper: print size-by-size!
  • option for printing only pages you need (depending on your option and size)”

I chose to sew the midi version. Well, I’ve been sewing for a while now, and I realized I had never sewn a dress in knit for my daughter before! Can you believe that? One of the easiest things to sew, and I didn’t do it!! And this pattern fitted the bill 😉

Everyday dress

For reference, my daughter’s measurements fit perfectly into Irene’s size 8. The only thing is that my daughter is taller than an average 8yo girl (she’s 140cms!!), and in RTW I always end up buying size 10, for the extra length. I knew that, but decided to keep the pattern’s original length. So, obviously, it’s a tad shorter than a usual midi length. But It’s better this way, because we are headed towards the fall, and as my daughter is outgrowing her clothes easily these months, I didn’t want to sew a dress that she would wear for a month or two. With the shorter length, she can use it either as a dress these last hot summer days, and she will use it for school days, layered like in these pics, until November. Moms will understand me 😉

Everyday dress

On to the fabrics: the white one with bunches of roses is a 100% cotton jersey I bought earlier this year from mamzellefourmi.com. It’s lightweight, soft and beautiful, but a nightmare to work with – it kept rolling at the edges (no, I didn’t have any starch spray on hand!). The navy one is a 4-way stretch I have used previously for the Straight leg pants. It’s beautiful to work with, a dream to sew, and it behaves exactly as I want. Together, these two fabrics wheren’t what you’d call “an easy sew”. I believe more experienced seamstresses would even look ugly at me for using them together, but hey, I’m a bad girl, I don’t like to behave! 😀 In the end, the navy jersey compensated for the white one being very light, and viceversa, the light one compensated the navy jersey being a bit thick where they are folded in multiple layers. I could say it’s all been planned ahead.

Everyday dress

It’s perfect for jumping, too!

As usual, the instructions are very thorough, with clear illustrations, and Irene is always available for extra help, in case you need it! Plus, it’s a very quick sew – more experienced moms will need about an hour to sew this. And no, you don’t need an overlocker, you can sew this entirely on your sewing machine, like I did!

Everyday dress

The pattern is a very good buy: you get a wide size range – from 3 to 14 years old – and we all know how hard it is to find patterns for young ladies over 8yo! Plus, you can sew tanks, dresses, all in one fabric or colour block them, add ruffles, ric-racs, lace overlays, just unleash your imagination!

Go pick it up, until September, 6th, Irene has a discount code for 25% on the entire cart, either in her Shop, or on Etsy. Just use code EVERYDAYTANK25 at checkout!


xxx Mariana


P.S.: I’ve just become an affiliate – this means that, if you click through the links to the Serger pepper shop on my blog, and buy the patterns, I will earn a very small amount of money. This will help me buy even more beautiful fabric to sew items for me and my daughter ;). Thank you!